What is Laser Therapy?

Animal Hospitals have adopted new and innovative ways to treat our local pet community. Recently veterinarians have been looking towards drug and surgery free alternatives to pain relief, exactly what laser therapy was designed for. K Laser therapy is a practice where veterinarians use near infrared wavelength lasers on the specific area that needs relief. The healing effects of K Laser increase circulation in targeted areas, decreased swelling, reduction of pain and enhanced tissue repair.

How does it work?

Since 2002, thousands of patients and practices have already begun transitioning to modern techniques for ideal recovery methods around the world such as cold laser therapy. Ever since K Laser treatment was cleared by the FDA, users have taken significant recognition of the cellular and therapeutic effects of laser technology. This process of increased metabolic activity is directly associated with the rise in cellular recovery and activity.

Treatments of laser therapy plans are determined by veterinarians with sessions vary from 3 to 8. While treatment sessions are very not long, the actual number of scheduled treatments vary on the nature of the condition. There is no drug administration required so sedation or restraints are unnecessary, although you should still check with your veterinarians before resuming regular activities. For small injuries or bruises just a few treatments are recommended, however if pets experience chronic pain which more sessions may be needed.

Your pet could start feeling improvements and a reduction in pain as soon as after the first treatment. Pet owners have noted mild agitation with old injuries or pain syndromes as a response to the healing effects.

According to numerous studies by K Laser of USA are listed;

  • Osteoarthritis

  • Joint Pain

  • Tendinopathies

  • Edema and Congestion

  • Ligament Sprains

  • Muscle Strains

  • Puncture Wounds

  • Post-Traumatic Injury

  • Post-Surgical Pain

  • Neck and Back Pain

  • Hip Dysplasia

  • Burns

  • Chronic Wounds

  • Rehabilitation

  • Post-Orthopedic Surgical Recovery

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