Top Products for your Pet this Holiday!

Seven Perfect Holiday Gifts for Your Pets

Bundle options that are available at the Pet Express Animal Hospital inside store.
Thundershirt Vest Product for reduced pet anxiety and more, now available at Pet Express Animal Hospital.

Thundershirt Vest Product for reduced pet anxiety and more, now available at Pet Express Animal Hospital.


Are you exhausted from all of your holiday shopping? Maybe you still need to find that perfect gift for your pet. Spoil your trusted companion with our veterinarian-recommended gifts that will keep them happy and healthy. 

Here are some gifts that we believe you and your pet will love this season: 

Does your pet get nervous when left alone? Maybe during firework shows, thunderstorms, or vet visits. Then maybe a thundershirt is the right product for your furry friend. How they work is they apply gentle and constant pressure to your animal’s body. ThunderShirts reduce the amount of anxiety, fear and over-excitement. 

Depending on the size of your dog, these range from $20 to $40. Consider this possible gift now and save your pet from unwanted anxiety. 

Kong Cloud Collar 
When our pets become injured, they often have to wear the disliked “cone of shame”. And as their owners, we feel terrible for subjecting them to such inconveniences. If you agree, then maybe you should buy a Kong Cloud Collar. This inflatable collar can be used in place of those uncomfortable cones. They offer the same protection without interfering with your pet’s peripheral vision. With this product, they are able to walk about more freely and can safely eat or drink. 

This collar is an ideal gift for any sudden injuries that are bound to happen. Ranging in price from about $15 to $25, they keep your pet safe and comfortable. 

Kong Dog Toy 
If you have a pet who loves to play, then the Kong Dog Toy could be the perfect gift. This product is designed to stimulate mental activity and problem-solving, keeping your animal engaged. Oftentimes toys can become dull after a while, but this Kong Toy has hidden treats inside. Perfect for the most distracted pup. This gift is only about $10, making it both affordable and fun. 

Pet Express Animal Hospital Aloe & Oatmeal Cucumber Melon Shampoo 
This product will not only help your dog feel better but will let you get rid of any unwanted odors. Our dog shampoo contains two of the most natural ingredients that you can spoil your pet with, aloe and oatmeal. Worried about your flea medications? Not a worry. Pet Express’ dog shampoo is soap-free and can be used simultaneously with any topical flea treatment. 

Pamper your dog, cat or horse with the $10 Aloe and Oatmeal Shampoo by Pet Express Animal Hospital. 

Pet Express Animal Hospital Ketoseb +PS Wipes 
Keeping your pet healthy is the best gift that should be given year-round. One such way to do this is through using ear or wrinkle swabs. These wipes are ideal for removing dirt, odor and wax. With any dog or cat, swabs are a useful gift to reduce itching. Keep them on hand in the car or at home. 

Pet wipes are an easy and inexpensive gift for your pet, usually costing about $15. Keep them itch-free and soothe their skin this holiday season. 

Mighty Dog Toy 
The Mighty Dog Toy is ideal for pets who can chew through practically any toy. This product is built with durability in mind as it has multiple layers of material. Seams are sewn with additional webbing for maximum strength. They also come in a variety of different animals such as pigs, goats, roosters and many more. 

Spending the $30 on this toy is a worthy investment as it will leave your dog happily chewing. 

Dasuquin Advanced Joint Health Supplement Soft Chews 
It’s not a secret that we want the best for our pets, either young or elderly. With these soft chews, you can rest easy knowing that they are getting natural and healthy supplements. Oftentimes, people think about their dog’s joints once it’s too late. This holiday season, ensure that your dog stays comfortable and active with our supplemental soft chews. 

With your purchase, you will receive a bag of 64 chews. Expect to pay about $65 for a large dog and $55 for a furry friend under the weight of 60 pounds. This investment is the perfect gift for a healthy pet. 

When considering what to buy for your pet, don’t forget about what will make them feel good. On top of fun treats and toys, you might want to buy them a product that will reduce their stress or even switch them to a prescription food. Whichever present you decide on, your pet will be extremely grateful.