Watch Out! What to Do if a Car Hits Your Dog?

Watch Out! What to Do if a Car Hits Your Dog?

Sometimes, life throws brutal situations our way that can trouble and dishearten the most composed and collected individuals. 

Experiencing a road accident that involves your dog is one of those harrowing incidents. According to the statistics gathered in 2010, around 1 million animals are killed on U.S. roads every single day. With the number of cars in the U.S. only increased over the years, the number of casualties in these statistics has grown as well – but no one quite knows the actual figures. 

Witnessing such an accident with your own dog or seeing their condition right after it can be quite grueling. But this is where you need to keep yourself together and provide your dog with the care that they need. You want to do everything you can in preventing the little member of your family becoming a number in those harrowing statistics. 

The following tips will help you care for your dog and get them the emergency aid that they need, preventing life-threatening conditions whenever possible. 

Remove Your Dog Out of Harm’s Way 

When you witness someone hit dog with car, the first and most crucial step that you have to take is to remove your dog away from the road. The accident will not stop any oncoming traffic or injuries. Each minute that your dog spends on the road only affects their survival rate in a negative manner. 

Keeping this in mind, make sure that you remove your dog from the situation as soon as possible. 

It is also prudent to note that Florida law requires anyone hitting someone else’s property with their car to stop and help the injured. The driver who hit your dog should be doing that much under Florida law, as they are supposed to be the one who pays for the treatment. 

But if they decide to pull a hit and run instead, ensure to note their car’s number and report them if you have to. 

What to Do If You are on the Road with Your Dog 

If you have witnessed someone hit a dog with car right in front of your eyes with your dog being next to you, you may be able to handle your dog before they get nervous. 

• Handle their leash or collar with a firm yet gentle grip. 
• Ensure to keep them away from oncoming cars as you walk them off the road. 
• If your dog is hurt, they may act out and even try to bite you. Keep this mind as you handle them in this urgent situation. 
• Be mindful of any visible injuries that are causing bleeding or limping. 

What to Do If Your Dog Runs Away After the Accident 

If you reach the scene after your dog has been hit by a car and has run away, keep a calm demeanor as you try to locate them. When you are successful in finding them, keep the following tips in mind. 

• Once again, remember that dogs who are injured might tend to bite even those they love, so you need to approach them with care. 
• If possible, arrange for a muzzle right before you reach them. 
• Talk to them gently and slowly reach for their leash or collar. If you have a muzzle, put it over them. 
• Walk them out of their hiding place, while once again being mindful of any injuries. 

But in more serious accidents, removing your dog from the road is not that easy. 

What to Do If Your Dog Stops Moving 

In more serious accidents or in hit and run cases where you discover your unconscious dog on the road a few minutes after the accident, it is difficult to tell whether they are still alive. 

That is where you need to check for signs of life. By checking for their breathing and heartbeat, you can make sure whether their stillness is a sign of their immobility or something graver. Issues such as internal bleeding can cause sudden death in a dog. 

If your dog is unable to move at all, it is best to call 911 or emergency transportation and take them to the nearest animal hospital for urgent care. 

Checking for Injuries is Imperative Even While Your Dog Seems Fine 

Even if your dog can move on their own, you still need to check if they have any injuries such as any cuts or wounds that are bleeding; or any other visible signs of physical injuries with symptoms such as limping on one or more legs. 

If you find any visible injuries, try to do whatever you can at the time. For instance, try to stop the bleeding with a clean cloth or gauze, or try to keep the weight off of your dog’s limping legs while you take them to an animal hospital. 

Cases where your dog is able to move on their own paint a better picture in terms of survival rate. However, taking your dog to the nearest hospital for animals right after a road accident is crucial even in cases where they appear to be perfectly fine. Even if you have to call for emergency transportation to do so, it is a small price to pay as compared to your pet’s well being. 

Issues such as internal bleeding or other non-apparent injuries can be life-threatening to your dog. On the other hand, any long-term issues that are not caught immediately can cause permanent disability. If you ignore the checkup, it’s your dog who pays for the accident with their health. 

A thorough checkup by a certified veterinarian can help eliminate any immediate issues such as internal bleeding as well as long-term problems such as a bone fracture. 

Pet Express Animal Hospital Can Help You in Such Situations 

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If your dog ever gets into an unfortunate accident or if you are currently going through the after-effects of such an incident from the past, do not hesitate from reaching out to Pet Express today. Our helpful staff is always available to help your dog with any emergency care or long-term healthcare needs.