California Dreamin' For Deaf Dog Fabio On Second Phase Recovery


Life is a journey for all and not only for humans. God's beautiful creatures are also on their own life's path, and Fabio is one such amazing survivor.

Today, here at Pet Express Animal Hospital, Davie Florida, we're proud to say that Fabio is on his way to a brand new adventure with an extra spring in his step and a happy wag of his tail.

We all have potential in life even when our challenges are many, and when people work with us and realize our worth and rightful place in the world, we soar.

Fabio is a rescued deaf dog, and unfortunately, dogs with this challenge do not always have it easy. Some would say that deaf dogs like Fabio are often forgotten and left behind.

Our Pet Express Animal Hospital cared for Fabio and nurtured his special abilities, kindness and will to live. We are now ushering this beautiful dog on to phase two of his recovery journey, hoping to see him thrive and become adopted into a forever family and home.

Fabio has arrived in the Golden State of California and now in the great hands of the DeafDogRescueOfAmerica.

Deaf dogs are incredibly able, focused and smart and easy to train, according to the experts. Because these animals cannot hear, they pay closer attention to our "facial expressions, body language and hand signals," says Deaf Dog Rescue of America.

These incredible animals make loyal companions and are as normal as dogs that can hear.

The California organization is a pioneer in the world of dogs with challenges because they happen to be the first facility-based deaf dog rescue in the country. They shower dogs like Fabio with nothing but love and compassion at their state-of-the-art kennel as these wonderful dogs wait for adoption into a loving forever home.

Our Pet Express Animal Hospital knows that education, publicity and human kindness are the keys to breaking down the stigma of owning a pet like Fabio. Deafness can affect dogs of all breeds, but this so-called disability is also something that can become a strength as the pet is trained and socialized to fit in and enjoy a normal life.

Folks fell in love with Fabio at Pet Express, but they also wish this little guy a new lease on life. 

"Deaf dogs hear kindness." ~ Deaf Dog Rescue of America