Purr-fect Styles! Best Grooming Advice for Pet Owners.

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Grooming for your pet

Once you have a pet, you may have concerns about how to take care of your new family addition. Do you wash it at home? At a grooming salon? At your vet? How frequently should you go? What will they do?

Well...Did you know you can come to Pet Express Animal Hospital in Davie, Florida and take advantage of our master groomers who work in our dog salon? Bathing and regular grooming are important for your pet’s health. With bathing, dog haircuts and a dog nail trim, you can take advantage of our grooming services to meet all your pet needs - easily and without great financial cost. 

Regular grooming permits our master groomer to check your dog for any abnormalities of concern – we can immediately alert you and our veterinarians. You can then make important decisions about seeking treatment quickly or efficiently. Our spotting concerns early may make help your dog's life easier and longer. Coming at a regular frequency will keep your dog happy and healthy. AAHA likes to remind pet owners that it is important that you support your pet’s health through regular brushing and grooming - you can bath your per at home. However, by utilizing regular grooming services, our staff can work toward grooming your dog to breed specifications. Utilizing specialized tools (e.g., multiple types of clippers, adjustable grooming table) groomers can support your dog’s health by checking for fleas and ticks. Using our services will save time and money, like with our annual pet's choice and vet's choice wellness plan. You don't need to buy these many devices, and you can make other appointments while we handle the task of grooming your pet. 

Dogs should be washed or groomed approximately once per month. A good brushing at home after activity and/or before bed can help lengthen this time frame. This will save you money and keep your pet happy. Nail trims may need to be done with more frequency (for example, every two to three weeks) depending on the dog. While you can do some of these tasks at home - if washing your dog is difficult, it can be a wonderful change to have someone else to the heavy lifting while you maintain a positive relationship with your pet. If you want to read more about our grooming services click here! We hope you will consider stopping by soon!