How to Prevent Heartworm

The statistics concerning heartworm in dogs and cats is alarming, especially since this is a preventable condition. Experts have found heartworm infections in pets in all 50 states because it is transmitted by infected mosquitoes that carry the larvae that will enter an animal's bloodstream before traveling to the heart. Approximately, one in 200 puppies or dogs will have heartworm at some time in an animal's life, but felines are infected less often. You might think that keeping a pet inside your home is a way to avoid this dangerous condition, but this is not true according to our research. Here’s what our experts at Pet Express have to say about it.

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What is Laser Therapy?

Lately, Animal Hospitals adopt new and innovative ways to treat our local pet community. Recently veterinarians have been looking towards drug and surgery free alternatives to pain relief, exactly what laser therapy was designed for. K Laser therapy is a practice where veterinarians use near infrared wavelength lasers on the specific area that needs relief.

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How often you should visit your vet?

Getting a new pet as for you or your family is the most exciting and fulfilling responsibility! There are countless reasons to having pets, but it is up to us to care for them and make sure they stay healthy so they can have a long and happy life with your family. Living in South Florida can present additional challenges that our team at Pet Express Animal Hospital have successfully treated over the years. Inside are 8 important reasons to come in!

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Veterinarian Suicide Help

To address the problem of veterinarian tech suicide, we first need to raise awareness that an issue even exists. Following the recent suicide of Dr. Shirley Koshi and Dr. Sophia Yin, the national spotlight directed itself toward suicide in the veterinarian tech industry. Learn more and become aware of the increasing issues unspoken within our vet community.

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